The red eyes

In my room when I heard some shuffling in the green bushes and also a dramatic groan – I quickly ran up to my clean window and looked out. I saw nothing except a red blur in the bushes! No way I was going back to sleep until I saw what that creature.

I rushed down stairs and grabbed an apple five minutes later. I threw it out of the window… I heard a loud clunk. I got my red and blue  shoes on and ran to where the noise came from. What I saw was unbelievable…


The red eyes — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Oscar,
    I the story line was very interesting and the first sentance is capturing.
    Next time try to make sure it makes sence and try to add more descriptive words.

  2. Hi Oscar this is a really good piece of writing as it is very descriptive about the things you are talking about. Great work, keep it up.

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