The rabbit that wanted to play

The rabbit that wanted to play




Have you ever seen those new jammer rabbits?…you know those white rabbits with the default skin that just sit there for hours and do absolutely nothing! Until you get creeped out and leave. Well I’ve uncovered the truth about those rabbits… and you might want to rethink having a rabbit friend. It all started two days ago…


I was on animal jam, of course, another one of those creepy new rabbits came in the Jamma Township. I never liked those rabbits, however this one was different it tried to talk to the other animals but everyone ignored it. I guess they felt the same way about those new Jammer rabbits. you have to admit even if you love rabbits those rabbits are a bit creepy. So anyways the rabbit came up to me and spoke it said….

“Pwese pway wif me? Im lonely.” Soon my heart stopped and I had feelings for the poor thing. And decided to play with it after all no one could possibly do me harm for playing with the new Jammer rabbit, right?

“Alright you new Jammer I’ll play with you” I typed with a sigh wondering why I was always mean to non members? I had a guess that it was just my nature after all I’d lately seen non members being treated horridly like they have a disease! the rabbit hoped up and down with glee

“Come with me!” it said then hopped off in the direction of Apondale. I rose an eyebrow however I followed the rabbit there anyways.

“Try to catch me!” the rabbit squeaked bouncing all over the place

“This rabbit is a hurricane!” I thought in wonder to my self

“How does it move so fast?!?!” The rabbit continued to bounce off everything and sadly, I couldn’t catch it once! The rabbit laughed at me

“Too slow! Want to try again?” and went to kiarma Outback I groaned yet still followed the cute yet painfully annoying rabbit I wasn’t done with it I still had so many questions to ask it

“Hey rabbit?” I asked

“Nope gotta catch me!” the rabbit ignored all my attempts to try to talk to it and still disobeyed my arctic wolf. I growled in frustration in witch I changed to my eagle to

Catch it. I saw an empty entrance and finally caught the thing!

“Now will you answer my questions?” I asked and when the rabbit turned to look at me I saw eagle’s claw marks and to my surprise it was bleeding blood in a kids game what!

“Oh err im sorry?” I typed the rabbit laughed

“Thanks for playing with me! I will come for you tomorrow!” the rabbit hoped off into an area that didn’t even exist in the whole of animal jam!

I was a bit confused with the whole thing! My life! My every thing! It went from the dark servers to this! This weird rabbit bunny thing! I went to go tell my friends about my experience in my life the dark servers the rabbit too! she looked horrified You probly didn’t know this but I am snow11 I got a membership it was hard though I had to get my own money by running a stall every day now you would be saying right now ask your mum or your dad! Its not that easy my mother died in my birth and my dad died in a car crash I had my sister until she went missing aka recycled I would pray for recycled to come back however nothing… she sent be a jama-gram after she was missing it said… I will always be with you in your heart I kept that jama-gram I still have it now! Rest in peace recycled so any way on to the story! My friend answered back with…

“Derp you cant do that! There’s a reason why people avoid those new jammer rabbits! Bad things happen when you get on there good side!” she shouted at me I highly doubt im on their good side I made it bleed! My friend decided to give me another shouting!

That’s the start of it you know! You can’t play here tomorrow or you’ll be in grave danger! It’s going to come for you Derp!” she warned me but her warnings turned into farers

“Yeah im sure you’re just having a go at me I’ll… think about it” when I logged on the next morning and yet my stupidity led me to these events… when I logged on it was dark I could barley see my animal and there was no other animals in the area it was like the Halloween areas had come early

“what’s going on?” I asked my self when I heard a hopping sound to see the same rabbit had came to me its eyes looked dead they were glassed over the wound I had given it yesterday was crippled, crusty, covered in dry blood and looked infected I almost threw up it whispered to me…

“Plwese pway wif me? Im lonely” when it spoke its voice went deeper like machine had lost its batteries or something a its head twitched I cringed and tried to turn my poor, poor wolf however my wolf was frozen on the spot I looked I could see a dark fog swirl around her the rabbit laughed

“It’s good to know you always play with us!” it said and suddenly other figures were stalking up behind it I gaped

“We are the clan of the cursed animals” one of them spoke

You’ve met one of us before and we’ve since watched you every day, you will be ours soon” I’ve met one of them before? Then it hit me! There was this fox

“He’s with you!” the rabbit laughed

“We are all one you may know me as the rabbit who wanted to play” it spoke.

“Why do you want me? What have I ever done that may interest you in me so much!” I asked wanting an answer and fast

“That information is not for you! You will join us you will help us!” it said threatening me I growled

“Not in a million years you thing! Your kinds are not welcome in jamma!” I tyeped furiously

“Who gave you the power so speak for the whole of jamma!” he snarled

and had you forgotten us being normal jammers too we were just like you until we lost out member ship we went insane we only want what belongs to us!”

I don’t belong to you! I don’t belong to anyone!” I hissed the figurer sighed

She’s all yours rabbit he said and all the figures retreated in the black of darkness my wolf was suddenly lifted off the ground and the bunny said…

Looks like you aren’t ready in this account either the rabbit sighed moving its ears like arms to control the black fog I watched in horror as my wolf was being stretched out to its limit its paws being pulled out in different directions

So for now your mine she grinned sickly a final pull and my screen went black I think I was a gonner…





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