The puppy

The old dusty house began to cheer the little girl up.The house had just got refurnisd and it looks like fairy tale kingdom.I am 14 now and I am going to go to a new place and adventure around the grounds in the garden.Then I found a little lost puppy jumping by my feet.I cuddled it up close and named it sugarlump .When I said her name she jumped up and down on the green grass and barked.I jumped a little and stroked it a lot and it whined a bit.I treated the puppy with a bandeg and took him in.


The puppy — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Zac,
    I love how your response to the picture was so positive and uplifting. The building was quite dark and could have been scary, but because it was refurbished in your story, it gave you the opportunity to make it magical and happy place. The puppy sounds so cute too.
    Thank you for your lovely story.
    Melbourne, Australia

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