The Planet Avalon by Tilly

“Captain, one of the horses is malfunctioning. What should I do?” Asked an alien from the planet Avalon. On this planet all the aliens loved horses and spied on the real ones on planet Earth. “Go get the engineer to fix it, I’m going to spy on real horses and try catch one,” replied the captain

“Yes sir.”  The captain went into his office and spied on a horse called Dark Angel, he sent some aliens to planet Earth to capture the horse, the mare reared and knocked them over. The horse fled, leaving a trail of aliens on the ground,

“Oh no the horse escaped, I will have to try again soon,” the Captain said putting his hand in his face.

The next day, “Captain, we just lost 10 horses,” said an alien.

“WHAT how could this happen, we could lose all of them,” Replied the Captain.

How the rest are all healthy?

“WE JUST LOST A LOAD MORE HORSES CAPTAIN,” shouted another alien.

They lost all their horses and the planet disappeared from the sky.


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