The people who loved the swing.

Surprisingly, while I was having breakfast I saw some tiny kids climbing up a peace of broccoli, they climbed it like it was a tree! I just thought it was a dream so I ignored it. The next morning I woke up, at 3 o clock, I was again having breakfast with my new spoon and saw… People on a swing, attached to the broccoli once again – like it was a tree. “Oops” said one of the mini people, “We got spotted” They cried. That was cool to watch I said.I felt happy after that,  also I felt lucky.


The people who loved the swing. — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Oscar, I really liked your story. Next time, try to remember your inverted commas. still a great story and I liked your idea.

  2. Great story Oscar, you used lots of different punctuation. Next time remember space after a sentence and don’t use said. Otherwise good story very interesting.

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