The Pegasus Myth

Pegasus is a mythical horse with wings and magical powers. His powers are connected with the sky, because when he was born, there was lots of thunder and lightning. His parents are Poseidon, god of the sea and Medusa, who was a monster with snakes for hair; she hated everyone, even her sons Pegasus and Chrysaor. Pegasus is a horse because his dad sometimes took the form of a horse to impress Medusa.

Pegasus wasn’t raised by his parents, he was raised by the Muses (goddesses) at mount Helicon, where he was taken by the goddess Athena. For the remainder of his life, he lived on mount Olympus where he served Zeus, the king of the gods. Pegasus used to fly through the sky with Zeus on his back.

My grandmother used to breed horses and she named them all after Greek gods and goddesses, including Zeus. That is why our horse is called ‘Leto’.




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