The not-so-brave soldier

One dark evening during the war, a man, who was really excited to join the army, opened the newspaper and saw the headline “OUR ARMY NEEDS YOU.” Since he was young, he had wanted to be a soldier.  He had never stopped learning about it and had trained and trained to get fit.

Enthusiastically, he jumped up and cried, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for all of my life.  I can finally be a soldier.”

Later that day, he packed his suitcase and said goodbye to his family.  He set off to the nearby training camp.  When he got there, he signed a contract saying he would be a soldier for five years and began to learn how to engineer things, like planes and boats. He loved it.

Several weeks later,  the new soldier was sent to fight in France.  He travelled there with all the other soldiers, jumping out of a plane wearing a parachute and gliding down into a lake.  As soon as he splashed into the water, he heard gunshots firing beside him. He scrambled out of the lake, jumping down every time he heard a gunshot.  He started to have second thoughts about coming to war… He really did not like it. The not-as-brave soldier hid in the woods  the whole time, not even trying to attack and decided that he was going to escape from France back to his family.

After many months secretly passing through France, and many dangerous adventures, he finally got on a boat to England.

As he stepped off the boat and onto English ground, he said to himself, “I fancy being a fisherman!”


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