The Mystery Place

I ( Roxy ) was playing with my toys late at night. I drifted of to sleep . Suddenly , I woke but not in my bed … I was in a bed that I had put in my dolls house . “How could this happen to me why me ?” I sobbed .                                                                                                                                               “Roxana ( that was my real name , Roxy was for short ) get out of bed and come down and have you’re breakfast , it is the most important meal of the day ,” My Mother yelled up to me .  I had been playing with my toys all night .

Slowly , and silently , I turned to were one of my dolls lay . “Hello I’m Amy the owner of this house , ” said a voice . It was the doll that was on the bed. Amy interduced me to the family . I had a tour of their mantion. It was like being in Buckingham Palace. They were a big family . They had lots of pets too. For me it was a new world , that hadn’t been discovered yet . I felt like part of a family . My Mum never really cared about me .

They were nice to me until I had been there for a week. “Roxy you are only in here to learn a lesson,  “Amy scowled.                                                                                                                             “What do you mean Amy to learn a lesson?” I asked .                                                                              “You are only a DOLL because you throw us around ; make us sleep in rock hard beds ; making our house look hideous and not letting us have a garden so the dogs can’t even run around ,” Amy replied , then getting her breathe back.                                                                                               I’m very sorry , can I just go home now please then ?” I asked Amy .                                            There was no response.

As quick as a lightning strick I was in my bed , at home all nice and warm.

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