The Mysterious Object

Lulu was a normal girl, living a normal life, in a normal town; however, strange things kept on happening to her – so far in the week, she had already experienced six strange things (it was only Wednesday!) Although what she didn’t know, was that the amount of strangeness was about to be raised to a whole nother level…                                                                                            It was now Thursday morning and Lulu was on her way to school when she glanced over at the vast lake: Lulu has walked past that lake for six years with her mum but now she is in year six (and ten years old) her mum lets he walk by her self. It was her first day being in year six and what she saw on the lake was what she thought was her imagination from her nerves of it being her first day, was actually real! She blinked constantly and rubbed her sleepy eyes to make sure what she was seeing in front of her as real.                                                                               “Is it a sculpture?” Lulu wondered aloud whilst still in shock of it being there.

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