The Meaning of Grammar Words


A noun is used to identify things like people and places . In a sentence a noun is either a proper noun or a common noun. Examples of a proper nouns are names such Snoopy, Donald Trump or Father Christmas. Common nouns name general items rather than specific ones for example the word animals or government.


A verb is a doing word used to describe an action such as run, walk, went and made. Did you know that all sentences should have a verb.


Adjectives describe a noun and makes your writing more interesting. Examples of adjectives are words such as colossal, windy, courageous and scrumptious.


An adverb describes a verb and tells us when were or how we do something. Examples of adverbs are irritably (how?) yesterday (when?) away (where?) and almost (how much?)


A preposition is a word or group of words that describe a position of someone or something. Such as next to, in front of, behind or through something.


Articles are classified as adjectives but there are only three articles the, a and an. As they are all are quite small words they can sometimes cause problems if you use them wrong.You can use them in sentences like , The dog walked as he enjoyed walks, a cat would not enjoy them as much.



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