The map by Millie

As Millie looked up at the blue sky her hand could feel the itchy grass on her skin.All of a sudden her Black Labrador Max ran in the garden and started to dig the warm grass then he barked he wanted her to come and see so he ran,grabbed her hat and ran back to the hole.In the hole was a treasure map Millie reached down and grabbed it she read the piece of old paper; “X marks the spot… but its in the park where the x is!” wondered Millie Max barked in replied and grab his lead and dropped it by her feat.An hour later  they were  digging for the treasure they first asked the park keeper it took nearly a month to find it but there was  no treasure (but Millie did not know that the treasure was in the garden)they looked for days until Millie gave up it was junk to her now however it did not stop Max where ever he went he digged and digged all day long.His favourite thing was digging in the garden he could do it all day long until he found it he found it the treasure.

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