The map !

Michael , Edith and Peter were all going to their grandparents’ house for the summer .They had butterflies in their tummies , as the gates opened .

When they got to their grandparents they asked to go and explore . Edith trailed behind the others ,very much like a snail , a bit sad to leave her parents .

The next day  they went exploring again to the bluebell woods . Suddenly, Edith and Michael heard a shriek, it was Peter, however,when they ran over to him there was something most peculiar. It was a well,Peter had luckily grabbed a chain,Michael grabbed the chain and pulled Peter up.

Meanwhile Edith had discovered  something else,to go with the well,there was a door hidden in the ivy. Edith cautiously drew back the ivy and found there was a very old stone cottage.She carefully pushed the peeling door open. In the first room was a table and four wooden  chairs. There was also a metal bed,a cabinet,a rocking chair and a small tea table. Edith noticed a box inside the drawer which held a creased, brown map. On the map she read “X marks the spot.”…….

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