The life.

”There is not life out there!” shouted the clan leader ‘Ben’.                                                          “Yes there is life. We just haven’t found it yet.” Exclaimed Thomas.                                                         “Oh yeah.Go and fined it then.”he shouted again. So Thomas went out of the safe, warm clan and got in one of their ships.                                                                                                                        “ Ok I’ll find them.” He whispered under his breath. BANG! The engine started up: it was an old, tattered dusty thing. No one had used it for years. Off he sped into the distance of the horizon. Ben saw him out of the corner of his eye and turned on his heal towards his gleaming pile of gold.               As Thomas drove off  he saw a glisten up above him. He went up,up,and up until he got to the end. WHAK! His head was throbbing under what had just hit him. He looked up daisily and saw something weird. As he fell asleep he realised he had found something new…

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