The legendary Kraken

The legendary Kraken is a horrific sea creature said to be 1 mile long and is able to attack ships . It’s also described as a huge octopus or squid , some tales say that it’s body is so big that it is sometimes mistaken for an island .The Kraken was said to lie at the bottom of the sea and surface in search of food or when disturbed.

With the huge tentacle’s it can attack any boat or ship and has been said to kill other creature’s such as whales and giant octopus. The creature was said to live on the coasts of  Norway and Iceland , the Legend originated from sightings of a large squid that was estimated to be about 40-50 feet long including the tentacles .Over the years it has been featured in many book’s and film’s such as Pirates of the Caribbean . More modern story’s say that the Kraken is a giant squid but in the older days they said that it was more like a crab.

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