The Jungle Of Pain

The plane started to plummet into the dense forest drawing closer and closer to the forest floor. I jumped. Luckily, the thick layer of the leaves weakened my fall. An hour later, a little tribe-girl approached me. She was on her own. She looked cold I wrapped my jacket around her. Suddenly, a group of huge men pulled up near us, we both hid behind a colossal tree. They said something about nukes and weapons. Then I realised they were Albogs (the most dangerous species alive). They started walking into a hostile cave. I ran to the truck and took their plans. I asked the girl ”Where will we put it all?


The Jungle Of Pain — 1 Comment

  1. Fred, I love your story and the way you develop the plot. You have managed to fit a lot of information into a very small word count, and your use of punctuation is good. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Well done!

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