The Journey To Space.

Once there was two girls, one was called Mia and the other was called Ella.  They both liked space so much that one day the girls made a space ship, it took about twenty five days.  Anxiously, the two girls stood in the space ship, ready to launch it.

After a long journey, the girls travelled past Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  The closer the girls got to Saturn, the more they got excited!  Mia started shouting, “We are nearly there.”  “How much longer?” asked Ella.

There was no need to answer because they had arrived at Saturn.  They both rushed to the door, Mia (as usual) got there first.  Suddenly,as they were going to open the door an UFO zoomed past them, the UFO had some green, glow in the dark Aliens inside!  Mia and Ella both got a fright and shouted to one another “Quick, lets get out of here,”



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  1. Hello Talia! What an unexpected turn of events being scared off by aliens. I enjoyed the detail (glow in the dark).You used some interesting openers and worked on using a variety of punctuation. Well done for using complex sentences! Next time, to make your writing even better, why not try using more adjectives and adverbs to help with the imagery. 🙂 🙂

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