The Iron Mans Only Hope

Beneath the raw and tender trees awaited the dusty, grey, worn out iron man resting in peace to be seeked out and brought to live again with one push of a button. The crumpled and greased up trees had scattered many piles of miss placed leaves around and on the ion man’s body. All of a sudden unforeseen, a little figure of a girl appeared out of nowhere, she could be the ion mans only chance of being brought back to life again! Could she be the one? The girl was dressed in a pale, white, floaty and thin nightgown, as if she to had been sleeping out in the overgrown wildness of the forest (similar to sleeping beauty).    


The Iron Mans Only Hope — 8 Comments

  1. Great story Jenna. I want to know what happens next…! I like your 5 word sentence. Next time try to use a colon. Still great job.

  2. Hi Jenna, really good story and good use of adjectives well done. Next time check through your work for misspelt words (ion=iron).

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