The Horrid Humans

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                           I’m so annoyed and overwhelmed with emotions right now; I am even struggling to catch my breath back through the salty, path-like tears that are rolling down my scails. Many things have gathered up to produse this massive, pathetic sob: they’re all to do with them over powering our dragon realm – now none as the human realm. The horrid humans. They are the course of my misery. This is my fourth and last resort as a home; we have been hiding away far as possible with hope that they will give up looking for us.

I snapped out of my horrible mood as sudden as the idea came upon me… I new what we had to do… REVENGE! We had been running away from a fear that had already grown big enuff and now was the time to face it! How though? This was the plan, sneak up at the darkest hour and that is when we will pounce.                                                                                                  “Muhaha!” I am saying to myself right now as I’m writing this.

P.S. Going out to plot with the other fellow dragons now.


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