The Homo sapiens

It was 3000,000 BC  and the Homo sapiens were waking up. They got up and  stumbled over to their sharp sticks to go and hunt for breakfast.  The children would have to stay and wait for their parents to come back. When the parents return the food it would  be eaten over the fire then it wold  be ready for the family and then would go to make marks on the wall to tell some story’s to the children. As 12:00 o’clock  rolled around the parents would all group up and go out on a big hunt. Leaving the children to play and get up to as much mischief as they want. When the parents come back from the hunt around 2:00 o’clock the children go back to their houses all with a fair share of food. Suddenly, the family realised that they had no wood and sent the children to get some wood but as they did they noticed bones leading a trail to a ditch which was filled to the brim with bones. Then they heard sounds which shocked them and sprinted back but they could not find the way back and was lost. Then the next day the family got  the village to go out and search for them, they set off into the woods. Luckily they found them but they all are scared of that noise and don’t ever want to hear it again [the noise.]



















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