The Gigantic Spoon and Cherry

The gigantic spoon and cherry  floated on top of the river, it was a mystery why it just appeared in the river…  Margret was walking to school and she walked past the river and spotted it.  What she didn’t know was that a girl and her family (called the Brown family), were on it!  They were sailing away on it to a faraway land.  The Brown family were planning to sail to a tropical island to live there and surf.  There would be no school on the island.

Margret went to school the next day but didn’t see the spoon in the river. At school she was doing Maths, English and P.E.  After School it still wasn’t there so she asked her mum,

” Mum, did you see the spoon in the river?”  Her mum said that she had never seen it before and that she must be imagining it.  Margret was confused and did not know what to think, if only she had realised the Brown family were on an invisible boat.


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