The Frighting Night

One night (at mid-night) a strange light appeared out of no were snatching every thing in sight like a hoover sucking up a mucky floor with no care in the wold! It was approaching my house; however, I was even more worried because I lived in a flat near the top, yes it has an amazing view but now I don’t won’t that view. I want to be safe! I woke with a start as….                        BANNNGG!!!!                                                                                                                      CRASHH!!!!                                                                                                                        Went the trees falling down rapidly nearby….                                                                          SPLASHHH!!!!!!                                                                                                                    That must of been a log or tree or branch falling in to the local canal. Then I looked up and there was a massive out of control, upside down wold pool (well that is what it looked like from here any way!) It was blue and a creamy white thing circling around some thing else!  “MUM, LOOK AT THE SKY!!!” I yelled with horror.

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