The forbidden forest.

Once there was a boy called Jake ( well there was a boy called Jake until he went poking around in the forbidden forest).  Jake was a very happy kid: he loved football and playing outside with his friends.  Him and his friends were very cheeky and loved to do things that he was not supposed to. Now, I’m going to tell you about the time he took it way too far. ”What shall we do today?” He had asked his friends and they replied “I think we should go to the forbidden forest!” and that’s what they ended up doing that day, but they had no idea it would be their last. They were walking through the forest when they heard some screams and turning of cogs. They started to run away from this noise but it was coming from all around them, there was no escape from this blood-curdling noise. It was at that moment that they saw a man walking towards them…         After that nobody knows what happened to them!

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