The Flame Pool

It was a sunny day on the 5th of May when I was sitting in my back garden warming up for a big day. The day was a chance to get on to a really famous  swimming team . On the way to the pool my mum and dad were trying not to talk about that I was going to be celebrated even if I don’t make it on . My hat was white and I waited unti I heard the go.

Tomorrow I would get the answer,I waited- then the pool bursed out in flame I rushed back ,it stopped but all my dreams, were now in flame .


The Flame Pool — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Erin,
    cool story! You can tell it is a fiction story as a pool would not burst into flames if it had water in! Try to put in brackets and waited and until are not spelt correctly. Fab job! Keep up the good work! Do you think swimming is something you would like to do when you are older?

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