The ‘EA’ Twins

A long time ago there was a battle between water and the sky. Scientists are finding artifacts from the battle which are very strange things! They are simply amazing and the engineering behind some of them is remarkable, unimaginable and absolutely crazy. Some people think maybe they were created by mythical creatures and because it was so long ago nobody can find any proof. The most ridiculous one of all is a cherry on a spoon, I know it sounds unbelievable.

In fact, some people think the cherry is a bomb and the spoon is a catapult! The army and a few scientists went to investigate. They cut open the cherry and found these …


It was amazing, it was a miracle and answered all of our questions. They could talk, fly and change colour. They are called Zarnda and Rex! They were asked to be on all emergency services because of their speed, strength and agility. They are now known as the EA twins which stand for the ‘Epic and Awesome’ twins!




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