The Dragon Games .

24th March 949 BC

Dear Diary ,                                                                                                                                           Today is the day of the massive Dragon games . Dragons from far away come to compete or watch . In it we play 8 different games and which ever team gets the highest score wins .I was very lucky and got in ( which meant I could compete in it ).I am quite scared because this is my first time actually taking part. Before I have just watched it as it looked quite scary but I think i’m ready to take part this year.

I’m currently getting ready by painting my teams colour on my wings and my tail . I’m in red team and I’ve heard that some of the other people in my team are really good . In the past dragons have been injured so now everyone has to wear protective gear .I’m currently just about to head to the stadium and I’m super excited .

I have just got back from the Dragon games and my team won ! I was really happy when the results got announced because the red team came first with 356 points.We were 11 points in front of the team who came second which is really good .


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