The Dragon

No one had ever seen a living dragon until one day something very unusual happened . It was a normal day for everyone who lived in the small village until a young girl went missing in the woods . Everyone was very scared since no one had ever gone missing before . They had searched and searched with no luck at all . They decided to report it to the police and call it a night .

When they woke up and looked outside , they saw large paw prints in the ground .They got very worried because she could of been killed . Everyone made a hard decision and that was to go searching for her .They all set off to look for her in the massive forest with the small chance of finding her alive.

Half an hour later , still no luck , that was until they came across the cave … They had found a small cave and when they looked inside they were so confused at what they had found .They had found a living dragon ! The dragon had been looking after the girl all this time and she wasn’t harmed . They were so happy when they found her and became friends with the dragon .


The Dragon — 2 Comments

  1. Captivating story Tilly
    “ in a massive forest with a small chance “ genius wording. Well done. When’s the full length book going to be available? M x

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