The domino contest

Today was the day of the massive domino contest in London. Everyone who entered had to try and make the best domino course to win . “So Jeremy , todays the big day and now its your turn to show us your domino course . Shall we go and walk to the start of yours ?” asked the domino inspector not knowing what was going to happen.

They walked to the start of the course and the inspector stared at it like it was a giant chicken . The start of the course looked like a massive red cherry on a massive silver spoon .                        “This is my course ,” Jeremy smiled as he walked onto the platform to set the domino course off . He pulled the switch down to start the domino course and it all went wrong .

Earlier that day when he had set the domino course up he didn’t realise that it was a tiny bit lopsided and so when he set it off it didn’t hit the dominos but it hit some trees .He was really disappointed because the course had taken ages to set up and he was disqualified.

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