The Discombobulator

Joel was bored, really bored, he wanted to play a game, but he was grounded therefore, he couldn’t. He decided to go and dig in the garden ” X marks the spot” he said to himself. Meanwhile, a woodcutter was singing a rhyme that went like this “chip chop chip chop down comes a tree, chip chop chip chop, help it fell on me, chip chop chip chop down comes another, chip chop chip chop oh help it’s fallen on mother’.

”What is that.”whispered Joel in awe. There before him was a machine on the front it said, The Discombobulat or. Suddenly,he was flying through space, when he thought oops I pushed the on button. Half an hour later he arrived somewhere strange, the ground smelt of dirty socks. He walked along and whoop, he had fallen down the hole. “hallo”said a strange voice “I am Bloo, Lord Bloo and it seems that you fell down my hole.”

7 Earth days later, Every Bloo was helping Joel get out but no matter how many there were he could not get out, so they gave up and Joel could stay for as long as he liked, he was even invited to tea with Lord and Lady Bloo.


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