The Disappearing

One day there were two brothers who were walking in the woods with their mum.  The two brothers ran, branches snapping under their feet, until their mum could not see them.  They were in the deepest, mistiest part of the woods where the trees were gathered round a pond like witches round a cauldron.

“Come back, boys,” shouted their mum. But they could not hear her from deep in the woods.  They were too excited to see a troll. They had wanted to see one since they were very young. The boys thought they knew everything about trolls but they did not know that trolls are terrifying.

After two hours of walking, the more sensible brother said, “Where’s mum?”  The naughty brother replied, “Who cares?”

But then, to their horror, the two brothers saw something that would change their lives…

Something they had been looking for the whole afternoon…




The Disappearing — 1 Comment

  1. Billy, your descriptions to set the scene at the start were wonderful, well done! I want to find out what happened now!

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