The Dark Forest

Once Abigail (who had just turned ten) walked along a dark, gloomy,cold and misty forest when she suddenly saw something moving!  It was a dark creature that looked like it was searching for something to eat.  ” What shall I do thought Abigail? ”  Suddenly the dark thing started to come closer and closer: Abigail started to run as fast as she could but the dark thing wouldn’t stop chasing after her…

Soon Abigail stopped to see what the creature was.  Abigail came closer and closer to the creature and soon realised it was only a person in a very dark cloak!


The Dark Forest — 2 Comments

  1. Really good story Talia. Remember comma after ly opener. I liked the speech and all your different punctuation, I liked that you used a paragraph and it eas only 100 words. Well done Talia I love reading and commenting on your work. Well done.

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