The dangerous life of a turtle.

I was swimming around the ocean and I saw lots of plastic surrounding me, I was shocked to find out that the humans had dumped it in the ocean I live in! I was very annoyed to see that the sea was full of trash. I angrily swam off to a new home. Over in the new place I saw lots of creatures but they also had plastic around their neck and was slowly fading a away. I got to a safe place and made a marvellous new home although there were sharks near by I would be able  to live the in peace or so I thought. The next day I saw a load of sharks, they came in and chased us around the whole reef but for the humans it was satisfying seeing us dying again and again and we are close to dying out. So I made a run for it and they saw me the chase was on….


The dangerous life of a turtle. — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Spike, thank you for posting. A sad story of a fish having to continually move home and facing danger. You did make a sad point about the humans enjoying watching the fish – a very interesting perspective. Remember to reread your post as I think you missed out a few key words in places. Also, make sure that you use your commas and full stops – let them take the strain for you! Some great ideas though. Well done! 🙂

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