The Cow Jumps Over Lulu

Have you ever heard the saying cows can’t jump over the moon? Well, it is the same as saying cows can’t jump over waves like dolphins can; however, this time it is real… Cows really can jump over waves like dolphins (although only one rare species can). It all was discovered just off the Southern coast of Africa near Lesotho scarcely near shore. It commenced on a terrific day, around noon when Lulu (who was now ten) was enjoying her birthday at the beach with her beloved mum,  dad and trying to spot dolphins as they were known to come quite close into the shore and so far been unsuccessful. As a result, Lulu’s dad (trying to keep her spirits high) offered to go snorkeling with her to see if they could spot any dolphins further away from shore. A grin spreaded on her face, “Ok but I’ll be expecting a toffee ice-cream when I get back!” gigled Lulu.

Her and her dad headed out into the sea with a splash in there step in hope to find what they seek: twenty minutes in there surch they had not found anything. Just as they dived down something out of the ordinary happened… There in front of them was a dolphin alongside a swimming cow! How could the cow breath under water because it had gills? Then as if they had been synchronised swimming champions they did a mighty leap out of the water and over Lulu and her dad’s heads! As they came up to the surface for air, they realized it wasn’t just them who had seen it, everyone on the beach had!

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