The Cherry

Emerald Water did a double take : before her stood a cherry. Proud, strong and shiny – also huge (it probably could hold two hundred people).  Below it was a huge, spoon pathway, that lead to the cherry.                                                                                 “What a huge cherry!” Emerald’s little sister Violet, whispered from behind her.           “I know ; I say we go inside it. It’s…three pound a go, so that makes six pound if we both go.” Emerald replied, squinting at the sign that showed the price.                       “we’re going in…that? Sure sis, but you’re paying.” Violet laughed, cheekily. Violet has always been known for being cheeky. In fact, most of the time Emerald called her Cheek. Not only because she was cheeky, but also because her cheeks are a sweet, bright red!                                                                                              “Fine, let’s go.” Emerald sighed. 

A tall, thin man in a suit let them into the cherry. Dark red seats were placed around the bottom, with a cherry cushion on each seat. Emerald and Violet raced up the stairs, they went all the way to the top of the cherry’s stem. In there was lime coloured seats, still with a cherry cushion. Soon enough, it was time for them to leave, they both promised each other that they would come back again. I think they will, do you?

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