The Cherry Shower

As I drew my velvet curtains in my flat, I was astonished to see the most peculiar sight. In the park opposite, a giant, gleaming, silver spoon was resting on top of the still water. It looked like it was floating but how could such a huge spoon float? On the tip of the spoon an enormous crimson cherry balanced steadily without any movement. To begin with I thought I was dreaming. I closed my eyes and pinched myself, when I opened them it was still there.

I slowly and carefully opened my window to take a better look and that is when i realised that the cherry stalk was half the size of my building! It looked just like a real cherry , sweet and juicy and I could smell it’s fruity scent floating in the breeze. By now, quite a crowd was gathering around the lake to gaze and wonder at this unusual sight. Some were wading into the lake and swimming out to reach the end of the spoon. I watched as more and more children and adults started to run along the length of the spoon laughing as they slid down it like a slide into the end. Then from the corner of my eye I spotted one confident boy running, then sliding down its silver neck and grabbing the juicy cherry tightly as he took a huge bite.

As the scarlet cherry juice began to slither down onto the crowd below, everyone started cheering and laughing as they danced in the cherry shower.

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