The Case In The Attic

I crept up the dark, dingy staircase:I was looking for something that had been gone for years. It was a family heirloom (Grandmother said it was just a present from my 20th cousin once removed or something but I don’t believe her). It was almost dark outside however there was a little light on in the attic. I crept slowly forward, carefully placing my feet. Suddenly, there was a loud bang and I saw a bomb blowing up the old candy bar. Finally, I reached the door which was already ajar. I strode in confidently and found a small wooden box. I opened it and…


The Case In The Attic — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Megan, and weren’t you lucky not to be blown up! I don’t think I would have stayed as calm as you seem to have. This is a good use of the 10WC prompt very creative and well put together. One question, if the bomb blew up the candy bar how come you didn’t get blown up as well?

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