The candy man…

It was a normal spring day when Daisy was going to the candy store to see her local candy man named Charles but today he was not there…As she skipped across the pavement with her fluffy small puppy named Penny, she saw someone who was not Charles at the candy store. His name was Garrett , he seemed a bit suspicious because whenever I tried to look at the back isle he blocked it with his big chunky body!

April 12th 2019

Finally I could see the back isle!… Garrett keeps Charles in the back isle and feeds him candy so Charles is chubby.


The candy man… — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Tula, great story, next time remember a space after and punctuation that ended a sentence. I find it quite funny how Daisy can finally see the back isle and Charles is there, next time try to use more punctuation. Does Charles ever escape from Garrett? It would be nice if you did another story about Daisy trying to save Charles. I would find it: funny, exciting and a great story.
    Well done!

  2. Hi Tula,
    Interesting interpretation of the picture this week. You paint a great picture in the readers mind of what Charles looks like.
    Well done – keep up the great writing!
    Mrs Horan
    Team 100WC
    New Zealand

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