The Brave The Bold And The PUNISHMENTS


  1. In Greece if a servant missbehaved soldiers would build a life size bronze bull, put the slave inside and put the bull over a fire so they would burn to death.  Information from
  2. Ancient Greeks loved to kill and one of their tortures was called the breaking wheel where the enemy was attached to a waggon wheel and whacked with an iron club or pinched with metal tweezers until every little bone in the body is broken.Infomation from
  3. Also the Romans used to get a poor donkey,kill it and rip all the insides out by making a slit in the stomach. Then get the victim, strip him of clothes; then put him inside the donkey and sew the victim inside leaving only their head outside to breathe. Then they would leave it in the sun where it would decay and get eaten by animals.Information from
  4. Emperor Domitian used a punishment in Rome where the person would be smothered in honey and milk then nailed to a barrel. They would be forced to eat maggot ridden food so the the maggots would eat the insides of the victim and they would die. Information from
  5. Emperor Nero put wax over people he did not like and then used them as human size candles. If anybody did not agree with this he would turn them into one too.
  6. Romans used to throw enemies in a sack. Then add some wild animals in with the person and then tie the sack and throw him or her into deep water. Infomation from
  7. Young women who were bad in Roman times would be stripped, slit in the stomach and all their insides would be taken out. Then barley would be put in their body then they would be sewn up and then get fed to wild boar. Infomation from
  8. One perplexing method by the Romans was putting the accused in a wood basket and attaching it to a tree ridden with raging bees. Eventually, the ill-fated person would die from stings. There have been cases though were the person had allergies to stings so they would die much quicker.Information from
  9. In the ruling of Emperor Nero if a slave did not obey an order they would be stripped of their possessions then he would get a gargantuan fork and stab it into their head. After they would be whipped with a thick whip all the way to Elysium.
  10. The worst punishment in my opinion is one that some poor Romans were born with…slavery. With it starting at a young age. If the father was a slave then the son would be a slave as it will run in the family. People think that if slaves were bad they would instantly be put in a gladiator battle. But imagine giving an angry slave a sword and making it face a lion. So once they had been bad they would be trained for years before allowed in the ring. Being a slave would of been really hard so I am glad it is illegal now. Information from

Here is a quick note about our local secondary school St Laurence. Well in 2002 it was a really hot day and grass was burning. Weirdly slabs of rock seemed to appear then archaeologists found the remains of a 40 room Roman villa. sadly it has been reburied as it is the school field but when the pupils run across the field they are running on a Roman villa from 350Bc. Now that is pretty amazing. What about if the Romans were about now? Infomation from


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