The bonfire night

Once in a village there lived a  little  girl called Mia,she was wearing a white and red spotty coat, blue boots and a purple top  she had just been swimming.  Yesterday they celebrated bonfire night and Mia and here family had a huge bonfire (they had put all the wood they could find in it), her family invited all of there friends!  The flame went high in the air but Mia kept asking herself why ‘bonfire night’ was on that day? Today Mia had to help clean up the garden from the night before, it was a very big mess.


The bonfire night — 6 Comments

  1. hi Talia,
    brill story I loved how you used all the words (from the 100wc) so natually in your sentences. Next time try to use speech. still, that was a fabulous story! well done.

  2. well done Talia, yours is very good. You have put alot of good description and puntuation also you didn’t just rush it you took your time and thought very carfully about it well done !

  3. Well done Talia! Space after a word. Good use of punctuation really like it. My favourite part is defently when you used brackets and the end. I enjoyed it very good.

  4. Hi Talia,
    Thank you for sharing your writing with us this week, I really enjoyed reading it. You have used a wide range of punctuation in your story, this can be quite difficult to do, so well done. 🙂
    Keep writing and sharing!
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

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