The answer

I was about to find the answer.  The answer to why they left me. Why my parents left me. The look of the forest around me was fascinating…okay maybe a little bit spooky and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. “Am ready to meet my parents?” I asked myself . I looked myself up and down then shrugged. No one was going to reply but I knew that: I was alone alone (I hoped). I walked right out of the forest and crept up to my mothers cottage.. Hands sweating; my muddy finger reached out… I rang the door bell. The door slowly creaked open. A wrinkled face opened the door. “And who are you?” she asked. I took a deep breath,”Your daughter,”

“Sapphire?” my mother asked me. “Is it really you?” She looked at me; right in my strong brown eyes; as if she could see right into what I was thinking. “Why did you leave me?” I asked keeping a  straight face. Not letting a tear drip down my face. “I..I..” she began but then fell to the floor. “WHAT!” I screamed, “Mother…MOTHER!”  She wasn’t breathing. This was the end. I sat up. Then walked out the door. I had to turn away. I had no choice and I wished I did. I knew I would never know the answer.

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