The Amazing Experience

Amber was walking along through the pretty woods to get to the sunny, beautiful beach to have a little bit of relaxing time from school. “What a pretty view!” thought Amber. As she carried on, she could hear lots of wonderful birds singing, it sounded like a kettle boiling. Five minutes later, she got to the beach and lay her towel down to lie down and have a lovely rest. She started to get annoyed because a lot of children were screaming and shouting. Amber had the best idea ever, she thought that she could go scuba diving because it will be nice and relaxing and the sounds will be lovely. “That is such a good idea!” she thought to herself, while patting herself on her back. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye she spotted a place were you can rent a scuba kit. After that, she got changed into the wet suit and put the oxygen tank on and mask. It was very uncomfortable. She got the boat to take her further out and then did a back roll into the crystal clear sea. Nervously, she opened her eyes to see what was lurking in the water, 3,2,1. “WOW!”exclaimed Amber, as bubbles come out the top of her mask. She could hear the shells clinking together also she could hear the swishing of the waves. All of a sudden, she saw a school of brightly coloured fish, and a jelly fish, she was amazed at what her eyes were actually seeing. Amber dived down deeper so she could see the stripy shells; colourful coral and red crabs. Sadly it got darker so she couldn’t go any deeper, (if she did then she would probably hit her head on a rock). Five minutes later, she thought that she would get out, as she was coming up she went past a massive group of jelly fish and a shark! The jelly fish were a light purple colour and the shark looked blue and very scary. Also its teeth were as sharp as a knife!  It gracefully swap right by. When she was back at the surface, she got on the boat and thought about what an amazing experience it was.

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