The Abyss Of Darkness

The strange figure appeared a couple of years ago. He was flung out of a lime green portal of undisturbed nebula waiting to be discovered. He stands there he has no purpose, he just stands. One misty night a bunch of teenagers approached the eery figure. They went almost as close to touch it when. Well lets just say they were never seen again because if you knew you would not want to sleep as you would always have nightmares. So say they just ran away to another country. But I know what really happened because… I am the figure.


The Abyss Of Darkness — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Fred!

    That’s a clever piece of writing with some really strong vocabulary! I like your last sentence – it adds some eeriness! Just check your writing, as I think you have missed one or two words out!

    Well done!

    Steven Hales – Stiffkey, Norfolk, England – #Team100wc

    PS: I use FRED as my laptop password!!!!! 🙂

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