The 100wc

Professor Plank energetically walked across the silent bridge, ” Where is that Crocodile? ” he asked his partner Professor Purple. ” I-I-I don’t know,” ( Purple said 3 times to a angry Professor Plank,)  Plank knew he had to find the escaped Crocodile before he kills everyone. The Professor looked into his twisted mind; it was a difficult decision; does he kill the Crocodile or hand him into the police. ” He was going to need stuff to get the croc such as:
a tree-climbing suit,
and his friend Purple.

Plank could see the horrific Crocodile: he jumped out and caught him… but then he saw it!


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  1. Hi Alfie
    This is a really creative hundred word challenge. Well done. As I was reading I could see the action happening in my minds eye and I was being carried along on the search for this elusive crocodile. You also managed to create great suspense in your story as well as leaving us with a fabulous cliffhanger. I’m now wondering what did the professor see and I’m imagining all kinds of things. Great writing.
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Galway Ireland

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