The 1 pound challenge

This week in Orchid class we done the 1 pound challenge. Firstly we were given a pound and got the things for the stall (ours was lemonade.) The challenge is to get more than a pound by selling the things which you got:to make the most profit.The money in total is going to Ghana to get water filters. I was with Jay and James.

We organised by getting the poster that one of us drew and put it on the table so everybody could see it (with blue tack.) After that we filled the cups with lemonade which we were selling for 30 p. We sold ours on Tuesday and Friday.

The things that you have to do to run a stall of course is get a table and draw some posters; very clearly. Also buy the things which you want and then start selling.

We made altogether 11 pound and 10 p, we had succeeded. What we should change for the 5 pound challenge if we were doing lemonade is to buy more cups and lemonade.


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  1. Hi Archie – thank you for your post. You explained why we were doing the challenge very well. You mentioned a few things that you would change next time. Would you consider selling something else as you will have £5 in June? Was there anything you learnt during the challenge that you didn’t know before? Remember to check for ‘done;’ instead of ‘did’. Well done – a great job!

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