The £1 Pound Challenge

The object of the 1 pound was to make a profit using only £1. To do this, we had to buy (or make)  something using £1 and then sell it for more money. My group sold bags of popcorn for 40p ; the popcorn kernels were very cheap (60p) and to pop the kernels, we borrowed a popcorn machine from the school. All of the money that we made was donated to the Helen Hodgkins trust, which is a charity for people in Ghana who haven’t got water. Finn bought all of the props that we needed however we didn’t need much. On the first day of selling, we didn’t have the popcorn in the bags so me,Dylan and Finn had to make the popcorn with the machine while all of the customers were waiting.The next day we were very organised as we made all of the bags in advance.

In the end, my group made roughly £23 overall and all of the classes profit added up to £144. This means we can buy a whole water filter (the water filters cost £100).I have really enjoyed the £1 challenge and we will also be doing the £5 pound challenge after SATS.


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