teacher that turned into a mauve aligator

one  day there was a teacher that teacher was the worst teacher in the world that teacher had been sacked 23 million times in a year one day that teacher got sick of being sacked so she went to go visit a old friend well her magic old friend she went to go to her friend and said she needed to turn teachers into mauve  alligator  her friend thought that was a great idea so she struck the teacher with magic so the next day in the morning she got sacked again  but before she got fired she turned him into a mauve aligator hahahah dont mess with me.


teacher that turned into a mauve aligator — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Darcey, it would have been quite an achievement for this teacher to have been sacked 23 million times in a year, but your exaggeration helps paint a picture of the teacher. Your final sentence works really well, because it makes it clear how the main character in the story was feeling. As you didn’t apply punctuation rules your sentences ran into each other and made your story a bit hard to understand. I would focus on improving that so that your good ideas don’t get lost.

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