Story day – Anansi the spider πŸ•·

On story day (last Thursday) the story my class did is an old folk tale from Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ told by the Ashanti people. Anansi the Spider had six strong sons, See-Trouble ( he could see trouble miles and miles away) ; Road-Builder, who could build roads through anything; River-Drinker (he could make rivers dry) ; Game-Skinner, who could skin game; Stone-Thrower (he could throw stones extremely well) ; Cushion, who was as soft as a cushion. We watched a video about Anansi getting into trouble and all his sons helped rescue him, then we had to act it out in groups of 9,10 or 11. It was awesome although a bit manic – we were given 10 minutes to rehearse! The year sixes had to write out the story from beginning to end in full detail, whilst the year fives did a comic strip about it.

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