Spartan Soilders Letter

490 BC

Dear mum,

The religious festival is coming to an end and our army commanders have told us that the Athenians have asked for our help to defeat a Persian army of about 25,000 men that have landed unopposed on the plain of Marathon.

The Athenians have only managed to put a 10,000 man army in the field with the help of Plataea, they are out numbered and they await our arrival after this festival, we are very scared and have prayed to the gods to protect us as we battle the invading Persians.

We have 10 of the best Generals to guide us to victory with daring General Miltiades leading from the front, he has noticed that the Persian Cavalry is away and has left the Persian troops in a untenable position and we must attack with the Gods helping us to push the Persians back into the sea where Poseidon will smash their bodies and ships.

Mum this may be my last letter but be assured your son fought with the strength of the gods and showed great valour, I love you dearly and we will meet again soon.

With love



Note:- The Greek Alliance in 490 BC on the plain of Marathon won a decisive victory against the Persians even though they were out number they only lost 192 men whilst the Persian army lost 6,400 men it shows the importance of cavalry in the battlefields of the Ancients.

10 years would pass until another great Persians Force would make land fall again.




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