Spartan child

The date is 132 B.C 18th of October. Yesterday I left home and left my mother there and I travelled to my school. I have just turned 7 years old and my training as a roman Sparta has just begun. This morning I woke up in the dormitory with all the other boys to begin my “agoge” (training regime).  We had a very small amount of food for breakfast before beginning our school work, and exercises in warfare and stealth.  The exercises were hard but we were not allowed to show any weakness. In the afternoon we did hunting and athletics.

When I am twelve my clothes will be taken from me and all I will be able to wear is a red cloak. I will have to sleep outside, and scavenge for food.

This evening I had a small dinner due to a lot of people at the School. After dinner we all went to bed knowing tomorrow will be another day of training for my future.  When everyone was asleep I started to write a letter to my mum, to tell her how Schools been so far and what I think it will be like further into the year.



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