Space story

I was floating in space, “How am I here?” I asked myself, lost, seeing nothing but stars and planets. All of a sudden, the memories came flooding back to me: the spaceship had blown up on the way to space, but how did I survive? I opened my eyes wide and to my surprise, I saw a spacesuit. It was coming closer and closer. I reached out, looking at my hand, panicking. Looking down at myself, I saw that I wasn’t wearing a spacesuit, I was in my normal clothes, jeans and a short-sleeved t-shirt. I looked back up at the spacesuit; Not able to look away or it would probably clash into me. At that moment, I saw a face through the glass of the spacesuit. Someone was saving me. I was going to go home!

As the angle changed, to my horror, it was a reflection of my own face.

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