Space facts

Today I am going to write down a few facts about space because, that it is our topic in school at the moment. I am going to be writing a lot about moons.

The first fact that interested me was that usually when you think of a moon, you think about our moon (The earths moon) and that is all. However, there are lots of planets in the Solar System that have more that one moon. Neptune has fourteen, Mars has two and so on.

The next fact I am quite interested in is that the moon does not actually shine. When people say the moon was so bright and beautiful and it shines on them so, it is not the moon that is shining. It is quite confusing however when you think about it very carefully, where would the shine come from? The Sun has a lot of flames and fire and is hotter that anyone can possibly imagine, that is what makes the Sun shine. When you think of the moon it is freezing (more or less). What makes the moon shine is the Sun light behind the moon. With out the Sun you wouldn’t be able to see the moon, it would never shine. Interestingly, the reflected light that comes from the Suns  takes eight minutes to reach Earth and the moon. Amazingly, It takes about 200,000 years for the Suns light to escape from the middle of the sun where the light is created,  reaching the edge of the sun, to start the incredibly fast journey to reach our planet, earth.

Credit to as that website helped me to find some interesting facts about space, moons, planets and the Sun!

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